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Perks of Using Geo-Textile Fabric

Updated: May 22, 2022

Whenever you tackle a landscaping project, you want it to last. One of the best ways to enhance the life of your new landscaping is by installing our Geo-Textile Fabric prior to placing your landscaping stone. This article discusses just a few of the benefits to using Geo-Textile Fabric for your landscaping project.

What is Geo-Textile Fabric?

Geo-textile fabric is a polypropylene material with a fiber needling. Geo-textile fabric is known as the most preferred fabric in many areas, including landscaping applications.

Although geo-textile is a relatively new material, it can be used in many areas. Some areas where geo-textile fabric is used includes the construction of roads, airport runways, and underground laying for landscaping. This practical and versatile material makes the constructions cheaper and increases the service life of structures.

How Will the Life of my Landscaping Improve?

We've all had to pluck and pull weeds from around our landscaping. Geo-textile fabric eliminates that by serving as an underlayer between the ground and your landscaping. Geo-textile fabric still allows water to pass through it - which also means that ponds of water do not collect in your landscaping with no proper drainage solution. In addition, the durability of geo-textile fabric protects your landscaping for an even longer period of time, keeping your landscaping work looking like the day you completed it.

In short, geo-textile fabric is a cost-effective solution to increase the life of your landscaping stone by blocking weeds from poking through your landscaping, serving as a proper drainage solution, and is environmentally-friendly.

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